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Mansinthe – The Antichrist of Absinthe?

Hieronymous Bosch

Hell (circa 1490)

“If by fire Of sooty coal th’ empiric alchymist Can turn, or holds it possible to turn, Metals of drossiest ore to perfect gold.” John Milton

It’s a hell of a time to be in the absinthe business! New brands are coming out quicker than you can chant a Satanic rite. Absinthe for me has always been a little bit of Heaven…but it seems the media’s plastic devil in makeup wants in on the action.

The trumpets are sounding and the Marilyn Manson Mansinthe hype is upon us! The Antichrist of Absinthe has arrived! Or has he? You not only get a bottle of Mansinthe, you get a label which features a picture created by cheeky Brian Hugh Warner himself. What really made me cringe was the 66.6% alcohol content. Heaven save us from the machinations of those devils in suits… advertising executives!

It’s nice to know that these bottles of devil juice are being knocked out by the very same conservative Swiss distiller (Matter-Luginbühl) also making this new cocktail absinthe (Marteau Verte), from the holier than thou pony tailed founder of the Wormwood Society. Strange bedfellows indeed…but with a common parent.

Who will jump on the bandwagon next? Perhaps we should watch out for Loch Ness Absinthe – created by a little known Scottish hermit, inspired by the green monster of the loch, and a secret recipe book once owned by Lady Macbeth?

Prototype 35 of his absinthe, the wonderfully named Mansinthe, has sold out despite being priced at close to $1000 a bottle.

😯 I was recently offered a few rare original bottles of 100mg thujone Century Absinth (2005) for a figure not dissimilar to that…so I’ll probably go for that classic over a bottle of vapid publicity bubbles, and a depressing label painted by Mr Manson.

“My vice is absinthe. I don’t know so much about its repercussions.”

👿 I suppose that Marilyn Manson should pay a visit to one of the many modern day “absinthe professors” who will enlighten him.

The original absinthe professors frequented the bars and cafes of Fin de Siecle Paris, advising people on how to properly prepare an absinthe. They gave this instruction in return for a glass – nice work if you can get it! Modern day “absinthe professors” frequent absinthe forums, and turn nasty if you ask inconvenient questions about thujone. Thujone is the closed gate to real absinthe sales in the USA – but some say it’s the gateway to the real mystery of absinthe.

Whom do you hate

“Marilyn Manson may not know his Nietzsche from his Nazis, but he has had the commercial savvy to make a success of his nihilist schtick, writes Antonella Gambotto-Burke | September 29, 2007

Mansinthe, Mugs & Underwear


It seems that the long awaited Mansinthe, inspired by tasteful US celebrity Marilyn Manson, is now available:

There are two pricey prereleases: a limited edition for 300 euros and a special signed edition with a different label available from Gallery Schenk in Cologne that sells for 500 euros.

Manson is coming out with the real stuff, Mansinthe. Of course, it will not be available in the states due to another set of antiquated laws.

We all know that Marilyn Manson is something of an absinthe fan just like so many others:


Wormwood Society Mug


Wormwood Society Thong

The world of absinthe is full of weird and wonderful things of course – we’ve commented before on the zoomorphic absinthe pitchers, but here’s something which surprised me – as well as a cute coffee mug, the Wormwood Society also sell absinthe underwear. Whatever next? Absinthe flavoured condoms? As Kenny Everrett’s character Cupid Stunt used to say: “It’s all done in the best possible taste.”

Here’s something from the opposite end of the taste spectrum, An Absinthe Votive Candle, available from Barney’s in New York,  made with star anise and grand wormwood:

Absinthe Candle

Marilyn on Absinthe

Johnny Depp Kyle Bairnsfather

Famous Czech absinth distiller Kyle J. Bairnsfather with Johnny Depp in Prague

Here’s Marilyn Manson on his first absinthe experience and Y2K with Johnny Depp – so where’s his Mansinthe brand of absinthe already! We’ve been waiting six months now!

The first time I drank it (absinthe) was in New Orleans, in 1996, when I was making Antichrist Superstar. It was very undistilled, similar to moonshine. I didn’t drink absinthe again until Y2K. I spent that New Year’s Eve drinking absinthe with Johnny Depp in the south of France. We were ready for the apocalypse, and when it didn’t come, we were disappointed, so we drank more absinthe and set off fireworks. Since then, I don’t drink booze, I drink absinthe.

Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

Marilyn Manson Absinthe – Mansinthe


Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe Prototype Unveiled

Markus Lion unveiled a prototype of Mansinthe, commissioned by absinthe fan, Marilyn Manson. The unnaturally green Mansinthe, sans wormwood and therefore legal in the US, was to have been released last December. Manson had said, “We hope to have it out in time for Christmas so parents can give it to their kids as a present.

Source: The Hierophant

🙂 Where is Mansinthe being manufactured?