Absinthium 1792


Absinthe Spoon



Absinthium 1792

Absinthium Red

Trul, Czech Republic

Alcohol: 70%
Thujone: 28 mg
Comments: We welcome comments / tasting notes regarding Absinthium 1792 and Absinthium Red.

2 responses to “Absinthium 1792

  1. I have yet to try the Absinthium Red, as I wasn’t aware that there was any tradition to red absinthe – seems I was wrong. It dates back to the use of paprika in Spain, I see. What is it like?

    Absinthium 1792 is one of my favourites, good long anise flavour, and a nice louche. Some people are alarmed by the colour, but after water you have a refreshing authentic absinthe.

  2. Not sure what this means, but thanks: Osservazioni: Accogliamo favorevolmente le osservazioni note dell’assaggio per quanto riguarda assenzio 1792 e colore rosso dell’assenzio

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