King of Spirits Gold

King of Spirits Gold

King of Spirts Absinth
L’Or Special Drinks, Czech Republic

Alcohol: 70%

Thujone: 100mg


22 responses to “King of Spirits Gold

  1. There is a brand with 111mg of thujone, and I thought King of Spirits Gold was the highest thujone level absinthe.

  2. One thing to keep in mind is that thujone is hard to test for, so I really wouldn’t trust most numbers without backing from a lab at the least (which means the majority of numbers presented from every country are suspect IMHO).

    The highest claimed commercial absinthe is “330” with a supposed 330 mg/l. It is sold by one vendor to their ‘special’ customers.

    Of course all of this is pointless, if you really want brain damaging amounts of thujone paying for over priced wormwood bitters (most czech absinth) or absinthe is the wrong way to go. Wormwood oils (along with extracts from other plants) will most likely outrank the majority of high-thujone absinthe.

  3. Hi Ari! You are very welcome here. I am fascinated to know about this 330mg/l! Who sells that? Those tests seem to show that King of Spirits Gold has 100mg as claimed, no?

    Like HSBC say :” Different Points of View are Welcome Here” 🙂

  4. While I have heard of multiple tests that confirm the 100 mg/l of KoSG, the numbers on the png seem to be from varied sources (possibly even the companies themselves) the majority being whole numbers as well as the ranges given suggests questionable accuracy (based on what we know today).

  5. The study above is accurate or not? What about these 330mg guys, Ari?

  6. The thujone1.png list above is questionably accurate on thujone levels. 330 is questionable too.
    IMO any thujone level that hasn’t been obtained by a GC-MS test from a lab that understands how to process the sample is questionable. Making the majority of published thujone levels questionable.

  7. Hello crew, I have very good connections with L’or special drink (we are preparing some export absinthe for them) so I could get specal edition of King of Spirits Gold which includes around 300 mg of thujone ! But hey, its deadly combination ! 😉

  8. Well for those that really want thujone it can be bought at the supermarket for much less.

  9. Interesting that my comment seemed to have been deleted. So you don’t want to let people know if all they care about is thujone they can buy it at the supermarket and not have to spend so much for a bottle that contains so little?

  10. Which absinthe would be the best from an “effects” point of view?

  11. It depends what you mean by “absinthe effect”? I see from your other post that you tried Century 100mg. Do you have any experience of that to share? Please post that on the Century thread – I am very curious.

    The “secondary effect” of absinthe is a controversial one – but clearly thujone is very important, and is most probably the key. Thujone is also a quality marker of artemisia absinthium (wormwood) and that is the plant that defines abinthe.

    Did you ever try King of Spirits Gold, Tommie?

  12. I was thinking about ordering the gold and was wondering about Zele.

    Century was nice, it was the first Absinth I had experienced.

    I drank about 4 shots worth the first time and just remember sitting there and my wife just laughed and asked if I was alright. She said she asked that because I had a constant smile on my face. (Honestly wasn’t aware at the time till I stood up and looked in the mirror.)
    Overall a strong sense of well being and clarity.. The best part was that the next morning I woke up 10 mins before the alarm went off and literally hopped out of bed. I felt outstanding.. It was the exact opposite of a hangover.

    Mod: this is the one you mean I think:

  13. Tommie,

    “Which absinthe would be the best from an “effects” point of view?”

    If by “effects” you mean a nice sippin’ drink that gives you a relaxed feeling, I’d go for Reality (I seem to write about it enough! here and here)

    While I’d love to try KoSG, it’s a little bit over my budget so I can’t really speak for it. Reality’s gonna give you a fair dose of anise flavour, but it won’t be overwhelming at all.

    As far as drinking suggestions go, I’m one for a little bit water, ice, absinth, and I’m good to go. There are times when a neat drink is wonderful, or, for that matter, neat on the rocks is superb.

    If/when you get some KoSG let me know what it’s like!

  14. if you want to get king of spirit golds checkout absinthe .bz they have decent prices considering its pretty high quality

  15. What about the taste / effects? “Absinthe Online” 😐

  16. Kings of spirits is one of the most expensive brands of absinthe for sale in the world… also probably one if not the most potent one… it is considered by some to be the best / most authentic tasting absinthe, i have a post about king of spirits absinthe here :
    It trully is real absinthe, although there are many “original” variation of absinthe that existed a while back. it was a drink that ernest hemmingway enjoyed… Although i suspect most people wont appreciate this drink if they try it first, the taste will be very strong and unpleasant… it gets the job done tho… i suggest getting some of the lower absinthe product first, to get used to the style, and then move on to more potent things….

  17. Funny, no comment from absintheur about the false advertising?

  18. You are welcome to write to this guy – he gives his blog. He didn’t really answer my question though.

    BTW: You are picking up bad habits – this “funny” “interesting” line of remarks is from the stable of an elderly bitter cynic – the absinthe “Disco Stu” on MySpace.

  19. I have a huge collection of Absinthe from Prague and also a big guide if anyone is interested in it. I would love some feedback as to other brands that are not listed in my guide.

  20. hey looksd like the best chioce to buy from CZ ! whats a good price for it in chech ?


  21. you are dealing with Satan when ordering and drinking this. be pure in the site of God! He loves you and does not want you to go away. He is our shepard and we are his sheep. Please know that He is always there for you. Our father has not turned his back on you. His door is always open. Do not side with evil for you are only doing yourself harm. your reward is in heaven praising GOD! What joy and happiness will fill your heart once you are in His light. The emptiness will go away and you will have no need to damage your mind, body or soul with poison. Do not hide from Him now. there is still time and He can always see you! He does not lie for The Way is truth. a life time is much shorter than eternity so i hope and pray that your life not be filled with pain much longer and your eternity be pure and full of love and respect for one another. and above all I pray that you are with God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit forever and ever!

  22. Hello all,
    My name is Steven and I am relatively new to Absinthe, but I have a question to ask…I hope someone can point me in the right direction.
    I’m opening up an old style French Bistrot here in Athens, Greece called ALQUIMISTA(The Alchemist) and I would love to have an seperate Absinthe Menu, but I am having a hard time finding decent Absinthe in Greece. I’ve contacted ALANDIA a couple of times, but they’ve never responded to my emails in regards to wholesale pricing. Does anyone know how I can go about “setting up” my Absinthe menu and where in Europe I can get supplied from at wholesale(or at least decent) prices? Any and all help would be much appreciated!!!

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