Green Tree Absinthe


Absinth Zeleného stromu

Manufacturer: Zeleného stromu – Starorezna Prostejov

Alcohol: 70%


Comments: We welcome comments / tasting notes regarding Zeleného stromu Absinth. Please email your submission

Distillery by The Green Tree

Zeleného stromu – Starorezna Prostejov (Distillery by The Green Tree), represents a centuries-long tradition of the production of spirits in Czech territory. Both ancient recipes for historic alcoholic drinks and present-day drink specialties are produced using modern technology in order to meet current quality requirements. Green Tree’s annual production of over 10 million liters makes it the second-largest distillery in the Czech Republic.

2 responses to “Green Tree Absinthe

  1. Interestingly I have a bottle of Green Tree with Slovak language on the label. Was wondering why and asked a friend in Bratislava….seems that it’s popularity is linked to the Slovak taste for Borovicka (Little Pine). Borovicka, which dates back to the 16th Century, has a similar taste to Green Tree – think forests and the scent of pine 🙂

    It’s 70 % proof and needs to be taken seriously – do NOT drink too much / rather like the Polish spirytus rektyfikowany

  2. This company’s absinthe is definitely 140 proof, and the anise is very subtle, I think. Potent but worth it. It was the only absinthe available in the LC – Liquor Commission here in Winnipeg, Canada when I first bought it. ($43.00 CAD.)

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