Colbert Report – Absinthetinence

Lucid Comedy

Lucid Absinthe makes a surprise appearance on Comedy Central:

No doubt T.A.Breaux and the Lucid Absinthe PR machine are outraged 🙄

Alana Ramin is the account supervisor for Viridian Spirits at Alison Brod PR. She believes it is necessary to educate consumers and the media about absinthe.

Does that really mean educating America to purchase a bottle of “thujone free” Lucid Absinthe?

5 responses to “Colbert Report – Absinthetinence

  1. Here are some insightful comments from two Wormwood Society members:

    He also pulled out the bottle of Lucid. Expect lucid to be unfindable at stores for a bit.

    That’s the funniest shit I’ve read in a while.
    I wonder how much Viridian paid him for it?


    Note the avatar of psi3000 who started the thread! A picture that tells a story?

  2. Someone was asking for it and got what they deserved. “For all who draw the sword will die by the sword”.

    The pledge is funny, though and if it concerns only LuXit(tm), the others are safe. Or not.

  3. This kind of publicity – as pointed out by Hiram in his riling comment – is hardly going to do any harm to fact quite the contary. The demographic of Comedy Central viewers is worth taking into consideration here.

    It’s comedy as in “laughing all the way to the bank”

  4. Gotta love product placement.

    However, if it’s just Lucid we’re talking then I too take that pledge.

  5. their a absinth with a beetle in it help me find it again forget to mark it ?

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