Hypnotic Absinth

High Thujone Absinth

Only available in Russia!

5 responses to “Hypnotic Absinth

  1. Absinthedrinker

    It`s a lie, that it is available only in Russia. It is available in Germany at http://www.absinthe-dealer.com or http://www.absinth-oase.de , which let`s produce this absinthe in Czech.

  2. A nicer way of putting it would have been to say it was an error!

    Anyway, thank you for the correction – I have since seen it for sale in Prague as well.

    What does it taste like? what is the thujone level?

    Thanks for your comments, Absinthedrinker.

  3. “what is the thujone level?”

    Why it’s Extra Highest of course.

  4. Yes, wordpress emoticons can be found here:



    It looks very interesting – I would like to try some, but it is not commonly available – so thanks to Absinthedrinker for the tip 8) The colour is particularly good, a deep and powerful green.

  5. the taste is herbal and deceptively smooth – you cannot believe its 70% alcohol. Add some sugar and yummy! Few seconds after you swallow the shot, you can feel your mind altering, and I do say it isnt like being drunk – different from 80% vodka for sure. For me, the effect is stimulant-like – youre totally messed up but feel kinda okay, so you’ll do more (whatever your vice is). Even 0,5l of this stuff is plenty.

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