Absinthe Buyers Guide

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Welcome to the Czech Absinthe Buyers Guide

Here you can review the available brands and share your comments / tasting notes on all of these famous brands:

* 100mg Thujon Century

* Reality Absinth
* Absinth Bairnsfather

* Absinthe 330

* Absinthium 1792
* Der Phantom
* Fee Verte

* Fruko Schulz
* Green Fairy Absinthe
* Green Tree Absinthe

* Hills Absinth
* Hypnotic Absinth
* Jelinek Absinth

* King of Spirits
* King of Spirits Gold

* Krasna Lipa Absinth
* La Boheme Absinthe
* La Fee Bohemian
* Logan Fils
* L`éxtrait de fée

* Prague Absinth
* Red Absinthe
* Sebor Absinth

* Staro Plzenecky Absinth
* Toulouse Lautrec Absinthe
* Vision Absinth

Please share your knowledge, and help us draw up a readers TOP FIVE by clicking on the brand you wish to review.

We would prefer that your comments / tasting notes are sent via this form:

and include the following data:

1. Where purchased

2. How you enjoyed your absinthe – neat, louched with water, using the bohemian fire ritual, or as part of a cocktail.

3. If you have tried other absinthe – how did the brand under review compare.

4. Please describe in as many words as you wish the effect of the absinthe.

5. Please describe the taste and don’t worry about techinical terms, if you are not familair with the different herbal constituents of absinthe.

6. Please rate your absinthe experience out of a total of 10 points.

Thank you and enjoy! Na zdravi!