What are you drinking?

Guido Reni

Guido Reni, Drinking Bacchus (circa. 1623)

Here’s a new fun section to talk about not only absinthe, but any other drink you have besides the keyboard. Originally titled “What are you drinking tonight?” following a vote in the bar it was decided to omit the word tonight so as not to discriminate against the early morning/ lunchtime drinkers 🙂 Let’s hear about your favourite libation under the watchful eye of the cherub, Bacchus, who is the new moderator of this section.

3 responses to “What are you drinking?

  1. Last Saturday night we went to a party with a sick ass 10 piece afro-funk band. I went armed with a boda full of some killer HG called Trifecta, a pared down version created as a tribute to the wormwood, anise and fennel. No coloring. It louched as white as breast milk, mixed with water at 1:1 to save precious space in the boda. The band played through the night though the fairy was gone long before that.

  2. Absinthe Zele`. Insane stuff. Drinking 3/4ths of a bottle with 1 other person is not good. Having tall glasses poured out without even remembering it happening is not good. I went on an insane rampage for a good 6 hrs. I’ve done a lot, and nothing in my life affected me like that.

    Not able to speak correctly. Walking around looking for my wife (we were at a group campsite beach with 4 parties of 25 people or so) for what felt like YEARS. Not knowing where I was. Me & the other girl drinking were sitting in front of the campfire, about 3 feet apart. I yell, way too loudly for quiet hours: “How far away is the campsite???” [which we were sitting at]. She didn’t know.

    We started around 6PM or so, but I don’t remember much until about 2AM or so, when I finally came down. And could drink a few beers. At first, they didn’t want to let me have them.

    I managed to piss off a lot of friends, including new friends. But they have since realized I’m not normally an asshole 🙂

    Then there was walking up to the wrong campsite, looking for my wife… checking out each and every person. Nope, not her. Circling 3 times. Checking each person 3 times. Finally being told “You’re at the wrong campsite, dude.” This happened again later.

    Or when someone tricked me that my wife left the campsite to go downtown, and I was mad. “That bitch! I’m going to get revenge on her.” Someone else goaded me — “You’re going to get revenge on your sweet sweet wife”?

    After a few seconds of intense contemplation, I say, “Yes!……[long pause]…. And it’s going to be sexy!” … At which point, I fell out of my chair, into the sand.

    Later, I got stuck in an unlocked port-a-potty until someone else locked me out. It stank with an intense stinkiness, and I was trapped for at least 10 minutes. There is no knob; only a latch which you need to push the same direction that you need to push the door to open it. Yet I could not figure this out.

    I also couldn’t speak well. I kept saying the wrong word. I would do this repeatedly, knowing full well the word coming out was not the word I wanted.

    Apparently me and the other girl drinking had full conversations that were unintelligible to everyone else.

    She went to sleep before I even came down. Except for when my wife had to wake her and her husband up to try to deal with me. Basically, once I made my wife cry, that was what it took to return me to reality. At which point my buzz was killed enough that I remained lucid for the rest of the evening.

    Overall not a good experience, but I would definitely repeat it with a lot more care and precision…

  3. Hi, I come from Chile, and i have a little bottle of absinthe Zelena Muza,

    i want to know about effects….(thujone, you know)

    an i like so much your page…


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