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Thujone in Absinthe Quiz

Thujone in Absinthe

What was the legal thujone level in absinthe set by the French in 1907? You choose:

(i) 35mg

(ii) 100mg

(iii) 250mg

(iv) 1000mg

(v) There were no limits on thujone (alpha or beta)

Absinth : Good news for real absinth drinkers


Good news from the original Sebor distillery! Kyle Bairnsfather who sells 100% of his production – making his hand crafted Czech specialty a real rarity – is expanding. Due to increased demand – not least from the domestic Czech and Slovak markets – Kyle is busy expanding his production facilities. Bairnsfather products use the very latest modern filtration technology, along with the superb traditional regional mountain herbs, to produce Reality Absinth, as well as the anise rich Absinth Bitter range. The thujone levels in the latter range from 32-34 mg and hence, according to European Union regulations, are rated at the very top of the thujone scale as Hořká lihovina.

Absinth Herbs

Where to drink Lucid Absinthe

Black Absinthe Cat

The following article tells New Yorker’s where to find that elusive pussy cat of absinthe, Lucid:

Employee’s Only, 510 Hudson St

STK, 26 Little West 12th St

Waverly Inn, 385 6th Ave

Highlights include:

Wait, watch, marvel, stir, and serve — and, presumably, sink into a mad hallucinogenic stupor. Actually, the mad hallucinogenic stupor is sold separately, somewhere in Afghanistan:

Clarification and Correction: We earlier wrote that the Waverly Inn had obtained a license to serve absinthe, which was incorrect; a variant of absinthe has been approved by the FDA for sale in the U.S. and that is what is being served in the above-mentioned locations. For more information on what makes this version less likely to make you see little green fairies, see this article from the New York Post earlier this week. ETP apologizes for the error. The little green fairies made us do it.

Looks like someone was “off message”

Then there’s another cracker: “Absinthe is like the ultimate experience in drinking,” says Employees Only bartender Dushan Zaric. “If you have a palate for it, you’re a grown-up.” Except that the thujone levels and anise flavour have been altered for the USA of course, Dushan.

Lucid absinthe even has it’s very own cocktail: The Mint Muse which, according to the New York Post, is made with Lucid, pineapple juice, muddled mint leaves, lime and lemon soda. I hope it comes with a little paper umbrella and a cherry 😉

Absinth Fest 2007

Modern Absinth Drinker

It was fun to see the photographs of the 80’s disco at the Boveresse Absinthe Festival in Switzerland – the best picture is here

Of course there was an alternative “Absinth Festival ” the very same evening featuring Co-Ca, Gospel of The Future, My Dead Cat and Emile Camelia. No Kate Bush or Adam and the Ants I’m afraid.

This all went on at Brodek u Přerova – along way geographically and musically from the Val de Travers 🙂

Absinth Festival

Prague Night with Absinth 1943

Hitler at Prague Castle

Adolf Hitler at Prague Castle

Here’s a delightful lost quote about absinth drinking from the evil days of the Nazi occupation of Bohemia.

Poručil jsem si dvojitou sklenku absintu, který právě je v módě. Je to takový zelený dryák. Jako rozpuštěné ještěrky. A vypil jsem to do dna. Potom mi bylo dobre.

I ordered a double glass of absinthe which is in fashion right now.  It’s a kind of green “dryák”. Like dissolved lizards.  I drunk it all. Then I felt good.

Pražské nokturno – Page 310
by František Kubka ( 1943)

Like dissolved lizards 🙂 Note: “dryák” means something like a cure for all diseases, or something bearing a medicinal quality. The word is ancient and relates to a curative potion sold in the Middle Ages and made from 54 types of herbs.

One cannot help wondering where that fashionable absinth – enjoyed by drinkers in Praha circa 1943 – came from.  Any ideas?

Modern Absinth Drinkers

Absinth and Fire

Firey absinth fun – Czech style 🙂

The Absinthe Drinkers – Pijáci absintu – by Josef Čapek

Absinthe Drinkers


Josef Čapek (1887 -1945) is a name that every Czech knows for his beautiful illustrations. Like Josef Lada he presents a charming naive beauty to his most famous playful illustrations. The above lithograph – The Absinthe Drinkers- is obviously Cubist and dates to the period of the First Republic. Josef Čapek invented the term “robot” – see

The photograph below shows Josef in the centre with his brother Karel and Olga Scheinpflugova. Karel, who is considered to be one of the most important Czech writers of the 20th Century, was a Czech nationalist and a critic of fascism. Karel died in December 1938, before the Gestapo could get to him. Josef was arrested after the Nazi criminals came to Prague and his life ended, along with so many others, at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.


For more information on Karel and Josef Čapek please visit