Where to drink Lucid Absinthe

Black Absinthe Cat

The following article tells New Yorker’s where to find that elusive pussy cat of absinthe, Lucid:

Employee’s Only, 510 Hudson St

STK, 26 Little West 12th St

Waverly Inn, 385 6th Ave

Highlights include:

Wait, watch, marvel, stir, and serve — and, presumably, sink into a mad hallucinogenic stupor. Actually, the mad hallucinogenic stupor is sold separately, somewhere in Afghanistan:

Clarification and Correction: We earlier wrote that the Waverly Inn had obtained a license to serve absinthe, which was incorrect; a variant of absinthe has been approved by the FDA for sale in the U.S. and that is what is being served in the above-mentioned locations. For more information on what makes this version less likely to make you see little green fairies, see this article from the New York Post earlier this week. ETP apologizes for the error. The little green fairies made us do it.


Looks like someone was “off message”

Then there’s another cracker: “Absinthe is like the ultimate experience in drinking,” says Employees Only bartender Dushan Zaric. “If you have a palate for it, you’re a grown-up.” Except that the thujone levels and anise flavour have been altered for the USA of course, Dushan.

Lucid absinthe even has it’s very own cocktail: The Mint Muse which, according to the New York Post, is made with Lucid, pineapple juice, muddled mint leaves, lime and lemon soda. I hope it comes with a little paper umbrella and a cherry 😉

6 responses to “Where to drink Lucid Absinthe

  1. More news..


    “Viridian Spirits, makers of Lucid absinthe, is bringing “the green fairy” back to the US after a nearly century-long absence, and is using PR to dispel old myths about the drink.

    To create Lucid, Gurfein turned to absinthe historian TA Breaux, who tested vintage bottles of absinthe and found that little or none of the outlawed thujone was present. Lucid is made exactly as absinthe was 100 years ago, using items like copper stills and herbs, creating a chemically clean alcohol that was approved after testing by the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax found that it passed legal guidelines for importation from Lucid’s distiller in France. The same method will be used when Lucid is introduced in Western Europe.

    Gurfein said that the inherent newsworthiness of his product made a PR campaign the best marketing pursuit”

    “It’s a much better use of our resources to put the story out through PR rather than spending money on fancy advertising,” he said.

    It’s true they haven’t bothered with any fancy advertising – just Top Cat and a bit of Chopin – but why on earth would they want to introduce it to “Western Europe”?

  2. What to make of this?

    “What’s funny is that it looks like Lucid may have looked at how Kubler was classified & copied them. Both do not officially name themselves Absinthe but instead just have that word on the label. Kubler sent Lab samples in March 2004. Lucid in October 2006”

    There’s even a picture of a Kubler label with the importers name on it


    🙄 Spin Alert 🙄 : the “whole country assaulted New York” in an attempt to get their hands on the initial shipments of Lucid’ according to Breaux

  3. Thnx for stopping by the Res.

    I’ve only tried Absinthe once but damn, did I like it!

    Is there any way possible to get it in the USA legally? I live in Oklahoma.

  4. Greetings!

    I think that the website that you mention on your blog will ship to the USA. Lucid absinthe is USA legal like Absente, because of the low level of thujone, and I think that you can buy that online now if you wish.

    Also there is eabsinthe.com or, if you would like to try a Swiss absinthe, you might like to try absinthe-suisse.com which is Claude-Alain Bugnon’s online shop.

    I have never really understood the legal status of importing absinthe to the USA – but from what others have written on this blog, it seems that you may buy it without any hassle.

  5. thank you for the info! I appreciate your input on my post about absinthe. I am fascinated with it and would love to try it again.

  6. Does anyone disagree with our old chum Gwydion?

    Written by: Gwydion Stone (aka Hiram)
    Posted on: June 30, 2007 at 8:32 pm

    Excellent article, Robert!

    As for comparing Lucid with “authentic” absinthes, I’d have to say that there is no reason not to consider Lucid to be an authentic absinthe, it fits the profile very well. While it is somewhat less complex and flavorful than the Jade line, there is clearly a family resemblance. I think toning it down a bit was probably a logical decision given the American resistance to the more challenging tastes and flavors.


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