Absinthium 1792: Just add water!


Czech Absinth

Absinthium 1792 is a good Czech absinthe that louches! Now, what does that mean? The louche or la louche is the term for the milky opal colouration that occurs in absinthe when water is added. This is one of the ways by which absintheurs – the “experts” – judge the drink by the standards of the 19th century. It should be noted that not all Czech absinthe will louche, but this particular colourful electric-green drink does just that. According to one reviewer: “The louche is very nice. It builds up from the bottom, slightly turbulent and it gets nice and thick” (i) Also, Absinthium 1792 has a excellent anise flavour, which, again, is not a noted quality of most Bohemian absinthes.

Absinthe SpoonAbsinthium means “without sweetness” and you should add sugar via a slotted absinthe spoon to taste. Unlike Paul Veraline, the 19th century French poet, I take mine without. The distiller of Absinthium 1792 is Trul s.r.o based in Mikulovice, Moravia. Mikulovice is a settlement dating back to 1263; it lies right on the Czech-Polish border and was raised to the status of a town as late as 1990. Trul is also renowned for another herbal drink: the Jeseníky Priessnitz liquor. This is the drink of the of the “water doctor”, the famous Czech folk doctor Vincenz Priessnitz who championed the use of the hydrotherapy and the spa.


Water is an important constituent of traditional absinthe drinking and the Czech Republic is blessed with an abundant supply of great mineral waters. No visit to the Czech Republic would be complete without trying an absinthe and a visit to Karlovy Vary, the stunning spa town renowned for its mineral springs and a home to yet another Czech herbal liquer, Becherovka. In fact, the Czech republic is bursting with undiscovered drinks if you know where to look; many of them date back to the days of the Austro-Hungarian empire and beyond.

Absinthium 1792, named after the year absinthe was born, is recommended.

Czech Word or Phrase of the day: “Bez peněz do hospody nelez” is a piece of helpful advice! It means do not go to the pub without any money!

(i) http://www.feeverte.net/

Cask of Absinthe



5 responses to “Absinthium 1792: Just add water!

  1. interesting about the czechia absinthe! what about the amount of wormwood? that is what makes it strong

  2. Dear Absintheur!
    You are sure hooked on the stuff!
    I do like absinthe, well the modern one (I’m French, after all!). The old one was called “Green Death” for good reasons!
    Thanks for visiting my blogs!
    I’m writing you a mail right now!

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  4. Folks enjoying a Trul Absinthium 1792 using the Bohemian fire method:


    “We got our bottle when we were in Prague last year, and can report that yes, it’s pretty lethal!”


  5. yes, this is lethal. It really is green death!

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