Marilyn on Absinthe

Johnny Depp Kyle Bairnsfather

Famous Czech absinth distiller Kyle J. Bairnsfather with Johnny Depp in Prague

Here’s Marilyn Manson on his first absinthe experience and Y2K with Johnny Depp – so where’s his Mansinthe brand of absinthe already! We’ve been waiting six months now!

The first time I drank it (absinthe) was in New Orleans, in 1996, when I was making Antichrist Superstar. It was very undistilled, similar to moonshine. I didn’t drink absinthe again until Y2K. I spent that New Year’s Eve drinking absinthe with Johnny Depp in the south of France. We were ready for the apocalypse, and when it didn’t come, we were disappointed, so we drank more absinthe and set off fireworks. Since then, I don’t drink booze, I drink absinthe.

Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

9 responses to “Marilyn on Absinthe

  1. It makes sense that Johnny Depp would desire the apocalypse, considering his blatant disregard for humanity and basic decency. No amount of alcohol can cover up the fact that he is a terrible person.

  2. Marilyn said nothing about Johnny Depp (or himself) desiring the Apocalypse! They were “ready”…”disappointed” and had to make do with a firework display. A nice touch of bathos from Mr Manson 🙂

    Wonder which brand they were drinking? 1999 so that limits the choice a bit….

  3. I would not really agree with the comment about Johnny Depp’s “blatant disregard for humanity and basic decency”.
    I have had the occasion to see him deal with Japanese children in particular in the sweetest and most responsible manner possible. Mind you, the Japanese are not bent on provoking their stars into reprehensible acts.
    Now, he did have to deal with heaps of abuse back home. No wonder he might feel the need to escape in any manner available.
    Fine, this is a personal opinion, and I will take responsibility for it. Period.
    Take good care of yourselves, all of you!
    Na zdrani, sante!

  4. How about playing some Marilyn Manson for vistors?
    This gave me the idea:

    Absinthe Q&A from Lucid in NYC:
    Q:”What is the music playing on your site?
    A:The music is one of the many Nocturnes by Chopin, which is music that was typical during Absinthe’s heyday. This particular piece is Chopin’s Nocturne in B-flat minor”

    LOL Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, a good Polish nationalist. I would have thought bawdy French ballads were more the thing in absinthe bars?

  5. B. - Formerly anonymous

    Then you would have thought wrong.

  6. Care to share your erudite knowledge of the Belle Epoque musical scene, B?

  7. Um, it’s pretty easy to find that information. I don’t think I would need to provide that to you.

    By the way, what would you consider an absinthe bar, since absinthe was being consumed in most bars by all classes throughout France?

  8. Actually absinthe bars in France reflected more a masochisitic cum suicidal atmosphere than a Belle Epoque no-bars held (in some circles) environment.
    Thinking of which, absinthe was prohibited during and just after WWI. Now, the interesting ting is that people really freaked out just after the war! Did they need the absinthe then?
    A votre sante a tous, mes anis!

  9. Mes anis! 😉

    I wonder what Verlaine used to listen to when he was at his absinthe glass?

    If he’d managed to live another 111 years – he could have attended a party at the Absinthe Time bar on Křemencova (Praha 1) incl. performers from the musical Jack the Ripper singing “I Could Have Slashed All Night,” 🙂 I did not attend!

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