Marilyn Manson Absinthe – Mansinthe


Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe Prototype Unveiled

Markus Lion unveiled a prototype of Mansinthe, commissioned by absinthe fan, Marilyn Manson. The unnaturally green Mansinthe, sans wormwood and therefore legal in the US, was to have been released last December. Manson had said, “We hope to have it out in time for Christmas so parents can give it to their kids as a present.

Source: The Hierophant

🙂 Where is Mansinthe being manufactured?

11 responses to “Marilyn Manson Absinthe – Mansinthe

  1. One assumes that it is being made in the United States. What would be the point of importing a non thujone bearing beverage? The real question is whether Marilyn Manson will ignite his absinthe (mansinthe) or whether he will louche.

    Note the terms “unnaturally” and the use of French – I wonder who wrote this piece.

  2. Markus Lion is a company in the States is it?

  3. Marilyn Manson? What a nightmare!
    As for the use of French, i.e. “sans”, it is vey popular (“cool”) among knowledgeable New Yorkites and readers of the Time Magazine!
    Cheers, sante, na zdrani!

  4. LOL throwing in a bit of French is a good way of indicating urbane sophistication.

    On occasion, for a bit of a laugh, I have mispronounced French dishes on a menu. You are usually rewarded with a withering look of condescension in “fine dining” joints. This activity is a variation of Franglais, and is a great laugh.

    I’ll have the patty de fooey grass…etc

    Talking of France: I am interested in absinthe pitchers. Oxy has a delightful antique majolica pitcher in the shape of a dog. Look at this though:

    180 dollars! Looks very odd. The mouth is too wide for an absinthe pitcher.

    More news: I note that Liquor snob have received a bottle of Sebor absinth and absinthe pipe. They have also quoted that inaccurate wikipedia page about the fire ritual, created by the “enfant terrible” of absintheurs, A.Moss.

    Markus Lion is an absinthe retailer from Germany, I do not know where Mansinthe is being cooked up.

  5. Mansinthe will be pre louched…is that possible ❓ Why don’t you buy that doggy jug that you keep mentioning 😎

  6. That “doggy jug” – the zoomoprphic majolika absinthe pitcher – is too expensive for me. I have thought of saving up, and keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t get bought in the meantime.

    There is hardly any informantion about Mansinthe apart from a press release and a picture.

  7. If you start buying stuff from me, I won’t be able to be insulting to you on your blog anymore. Damn, I hate these ethical dilemmas.

    In other news:

    Markus Lion’s company is based in Germany, and Mansinthe will be made in Switzerland.

  8. “If you start buying stuff”

    Goodevening. I hardly think that a pre ban majolica absinthe pitcher. in such a delightful form, can be termed as “stuff”. You clearly do not appreciate it – I see now that I will have to forgo my annual holiday to secure this delightful curio.

  9. “Mansinthe will be pre louched…is that possible ”

    No it’s not. The louche on most absinthes only a few days, and that’s if it’s a GOOD absinthe. Lower quality absinthes can lose the louche within minutes or hours.

    Also, if it were pre-louched, that would mean that it’s watered down. Who would want to buy that? If that were the case, then the absinthe would have to be priced half of what a normal bottle would cost.

  10. OK … I have Mansinthe – and the pre-release prototype version – both are great! Jade rules, but Matter/Lion combo are at the top of my list.

  11. Can you describe the taste, louche, and your overall impression, MansintheHolic.

    This is from the same distller who is making Hiram’s cocktail mix absinthe.

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