The Effects of Absinthe?

A very strange film showing two well known folks apparently off their rockers after drinking Czech absinth in a Prague bar. It is titled “Happy Hour Absinthe in Prague”

2 responses to “The Effects of Absinthe?

  1. Who knew there was so much about Absinthe. I still have yet to drink it. I will certainly do my research through your blog before I choose to take part in all its goodness!

  2. Ahoj Lele 🙂

    The best Czech ones in my opinion are:

    1. Tolouse Lautrec (a clear blanche) from Cami
    2. Bairnsfather Reality -herbal and natural flavour
    3. Absinthium 1792 -anise and sweet/ nice louche

    Not in any particluar order as they are all different. Watch out for buying them in the centre as the prices vary…if the shop is near the “stag party circuit” you’ll pay more. I am thinking of providing a list of shops which offer the best value.

    There is even an Absinth Bar

    Hope you are enjoying Praha.

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