Absinthe Party with Marilyn Manson

Here’s Marilyn Manson in Las Vegas celebrating the launch of Kübler Absinthe in the USA. The party was held to celebrate the arrival of absinthe in America after a long absence. What better place than the Playboy Club in Sin City! Due to pure Texan determination, and the timely intervention of the Swiss Embassy in Washington, Kübler has arrived intact without tampering with the thujone content! This looks like the very first absinthe with thujone available stateside since Prohibition – an historic first. Unfortunately I polished off the last of my Kübler a while back…time to get some more in and join the party?

9 responses to “Absinthe Party with Marilyn Manson

  1. I saw a couple of articles that said Lucid absinthe also contains thujone. I think it’s also on their website.

    Didn’t Lucid come out like months before Kubler?

  2. Grüße PeteyX und wilkommen (welcome) Did you try either Lucid or Kubler?

  3. Yes Lucid most likely contains thujone, how much, the wont say, so this blog likes to distort facts.

  4. I tried both actually – love Lucid- reminds me of some of the best stuff I’ve had in Europe. Kubler is not bad but it’s a little flat and heavy duty anise. Also I like my absinthe green – but that’s just me! For whatever it’s worth I ‘felt’ the Lucid much more.

  5. “most likely contains thujone”

    Well this guy “Stroller” seems to have the inside track:

    Lucid wasn’t just under 10ppm. It has no thujone at all. That’s why it was approved so quickly. When Lucid was approved there were calls to the TTB asking what was going on.No thujone at all and you get approved fast (by their standards).


  6. And he provided some sort of source?

    I wouldn’t see how a lack of thujone would make the tests go any faster, especially with the rule change coming at the same time.

  7. Kubler was approved long before Lucid was. thats why Lucid got approved so quickly, Kubler paved the way for them.

  8. So does anyone know which Brand did the green capert party at the Green Door in LA?

  9. Both Lucid and Kubler contain wormwood, although Lucid was the first to be approved. Not due to lack of wormwood, but due to tests that were conducted showing that most European absinthe, as well as pre-ban absinthe, contains less than 10mm of thujone per 1 million parts, which is actually the US legal limit. The reason that it had been banned all these years is because there hadnt been any extensive studies of the actual thujone content in absinthe. Another stipulation, at first, was that the word “absinthe” be removed from the bottle, but later the government and Lucid came to the compromise of labeling the word in smaller print, which I noticed immediatley on my Kubler bottle. Both bottles can be purchased at drinkupny.com with free shipping. My bottle arrived in a little over a week.

    The only other absinthe I had tried before Kubler was La Fee from France., which, in my opinion, was much better than Kubler. It had more of a distinct taste, and had a more numbing affect in my mouth, which I really enjoy. Kubler is deff. not as strong as La Fee and it has a much different smell. Almost metalic. But this isnt to say that I didnt like Kubler. It tasted just fine and I would more than likeley buy it again until La Fee is available in the US. I would rather wait than paying the outrageous shipping costs from France. I have yet to try Lucid but its on my list.

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