Absinthe La Fee Verte by Elli Mayhem

The Czech absinth drinkers at L’Absinthe Rend Fou voted this our favourite absinthe film.

We watched a whole selection on a chilly grey Prague afternoon when the bar was “Dnes zavřeno – Soukromá akce”. The brands on offer at our event were Toulouse Lautrec, Doubs Mystique, Reality Absinth, La Fee Bohemian and, of course, my favourite Century Absinth 100.

Elli Mayhem

Elli Mayhem

Check out Elli’s art and poetry by clicking on her name above.

2 responses to “Absinthe La Fee Verte by Elli Mayhem

  1. Thanks for the invite. If I had received one I might even have come.

    By the way, how many different individuals in your group actually post here under the name “absintheur”?

  2. awesome stuff! drop by here: http://sinslave09.deviantart.com/art/new-green-fairy-53554454
    i do a lot of absinthe related art as well!

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