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Greek Gods – Greek Absinthe!

Fascinating news from Greece!


Ancient Greek Gods still revered on Mount Olympus

Worshippers who believe in the 12 gods of ancient Greece have been celebrating their faith on Mount Olympus. But it was a service which was highly contentious. A court, last year, granted official recognition of the group and their revived religion, despite vigorous opposition from the highly conservative Greek Orthodox Church which dismisses the group as merely pagan. At the heart of the faith is a belief in Zeus and 11 other gods. Many of its members appear to be elderly academics, lawyers and other professionals.

One of its leaders, Doretta Pappa is a writer and calls herself a “high priestess”. She says the group has over 400,000 members but, due to opposition, they have, until now, been forced to worship in secret. Officials of the Orthodox Church have described the followers of the “Olympic gods” as resuscitators of a degenerate, dead religion. But Doretta Pappa and her members are pushing for the same rights as the Druids have in Britain, who worship at the ancient monument of Stonehenge. (Euronews)

Can anyone guess who wrote this:

“it was a bar with a few rooms over it, kept by a Greek, smelling of hot oil and garlic and stale wine and old clothes, a place where the small Greek traders came and played draughts and listened to the wireless. He stayed there a month drinking Greek absinthe, occasionally wandering out, they didn’t know where, coming back and drinking again.”