Green Fairy Absinthe

Green Fairy Absinthe

Green Fairy Absinthe (Zelena muza)

Delis, Czech Republic

Alcohol: 72%
Thujone: 10mg

Comments: We welcome comments / tasting notes regarding Green Fairy Absinthe. Please send us your submission about Green Fairy

If you happen to have seen the Green Fairy while drinking any brand of absinthe, also let us know 🙂

3 responses to “Green Fairy Absinthe

  1. The Green Fairy –“La Fee Verte” in French — is the mythical creature that lives in a bottle of absinthe. She is the representation of the effects that absinthe allegedly has on the drinker – the state of “knowing drunkeness” of awareness of shapes, colours and raised sensitivity to audio stimulus.

    Zelena Muza is Czech for green fairy, and this bottle can be seen alongside the more ubiquitous brands in many Prague shops. There is one with a glass green fairy in relief on the bottle

  2. There is also a new red green fairy absinthe 🙂

  3. Doesn’t green fairy make you hallucinate?

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