Reality Absinth

Reality Absinth

Bairnsfather Reality Absinth

Alcohol 60%

Thujone 26mg

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4 responses to “Reality Absinth

  1. Just got a bottle of Bairnsfather Absinth Bitter (extra ansise) from the shop 🙂 Here is what it says on the bottle:

    “First extra wormwood, now extra anise! We proudly present this 100% natural Absinthe with extra wormwood and anise. This version of our renowned Bitter is characterized by a stronger anise taste, a slight aromatic sweetness, and a more profound louche (clouding when diluted). For you with a penchant for anise spirits. Thujone content between 32/ 34 mg/kg”

    I am an Absinth Bitter virgin.. 🙂 .. it is not that easy to find in Prague, unlike Green Fairy Absinthe, King of Spirtits, 35 etc..Here goes….

  2. Anise! Like an aniseed ball (if anyone knows what that childhood sweet tastes like). Deep olive green colouration, like a very high quality Italian olive oil, transforms to a vibrant lime white as it louches to ice.

    No green fairies – but at 35mg/l thujone, the effect of clear headed thoughful relaxation is pronounced.

    Bairnsfather Absinth Bitter is a handmade absinth, in the great Czech tradition, from renowed absinthe maker, Kyle Bairnsfather. Get some if you can find it.

  3. “but at 35mg/l thujone, the effect of clear headed thoughful relaxation is pronounced.”

    Doubtful it’s the thujone that causes this.
    (It’s amazing how well the thujone myth sticks around with no basis)

  4. Excellent review of Bairnsfather Reality here:

    Click on the little bottle at the bottom of the review to get some 🙂

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