Absinthe Ritual

The absinthe fire ritual in French with English subtitles:

Setting absinthe on fire? The interesting point about this video is that we are told that the addition of carmelised sugar, and not the burning of the absinthe, is the key to this ritual.

9 responses to “Absinthe Ritual

  1. This would make sense, no? Absinthe is a precious liquid that deserves to work it’s magic in the brains of men and women, not be squandered by lighting it on fire. Carmelized sugar, however, is a rather tasty addition to a glass of absinthe, though I prefer mine with just a splash of water. Now children, repeat after the evil ANFRAS (Another Nasty Fire Ritual Advocate & Supporter) in your best caveman voice: Light absinthe on fire, baaaaaad! Carmelize sugar cube, gooooood!

  2. Yes. It makes a nonsense of the “don’t set it on fire ” campaign. What’s wrong with adding caramelised absinth soaked sugar? Is it really that much different to adding absinthe gommée (anyone know what was in this syrup?)

    Anyway I’m off for breakfast:

    Five Easy Pieces
    By Josip Novakovich

    Most Russians don’t get up early. The shops in St. Petersburg open at ten in the morning, and that holds true even of coffee shops. Perhaps the notion of coffee as wake-up drug in Russia hasn’t filtered through the haze of the inimical climates and histories. Sometimes when the coffee shop opens, you can see jaded-looking men and women, literally jaded, a little green and sallow, drinking absinthe.

  3. Caramelised sugar again:

  4. Burning absinthe is an abomination. DRINK your BOOZE, BURN your FUEL!

  5. You are mistaken, Salsa.

    The idea with this ritual is only to add caramelised sugar and NOT to set light to the high proof alcohol. It is intended to sweeten the absinthe and not burn it. What is wrong with that?

    This is not some modern day cocktail bar fad. Hiram and the others are wrong about it’s origin when they claim it is connected solely to the late 1990s and the Hill’s campaign.

    In fact it is most likely Vienesse in origin.

    If people are setting fire to their absinthe – I say let them, if they enjoy it. Life is short and should be fun. The original idea was to add caramelised sugar only and not to ignite the glass though. Please watch the video.

  6. You say that the original idea was to light the sugar cube. What’s your source of this information? I’ve seen many people who flame the actual liquid. Are you saying that there is a proper flaming method?

    How about a source regarding its Viennese origin as well?

    Oh, and what about some documentation, other than heresay regarding the fire ritual prior to the late 80’s-90’s?

    If people want to burn their bohemian absinth, I could care less. However, those same people should be educated about the facts. When absinthe was in its heyday, it was louched. They aren’t taking part in any ‘traditional method’ if they are flaming their absinthe. They are taking part in a marketing gimmic.

  7. Sometimes it seems that there is not a dialogue occurring but rather mutually exclusive monologues. How much more explicit can one be than to say that carmelized sugar cubes are tasty and that lighting the actual absinthe on fire is stupid and wasteful. Regarding the origins of the fire ritual or whether this guy or that guy loves it or hates it, I care little. I do not believe that it should be presented as anything more than a nifty gimmick unless proper references can be cited. I do believe that anyone should be able to add carmelized sugar to their absinthe without suffering the outrageous slings and arrows of the online absinthe posse. That said, I do actually try to dissuade people from the flaming cubes at my soirees. In closing, I certainly hope that y’all communicate better with your husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. than you do with each other.

  8. To light, or not to light: that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of the absinthe posse
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

    Soft you now! The fair Ophelia! Nymph, burn sweet cube, lighten our darkness, I beseech thee

  9. I like it Nymph O’Maniac. Author, author! More please! By the way, what part of Ireland are ya from?

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