Absinthe in a can – Fairy Bomb!

Green Fairy Bomb

Trendy nightclubers can now get a refreshing blast of real Czech absinth in a handy form! There are many Czech absinthe cocktails that mix energy drinks and absinthe, and now that refreshing buzz is available as the Fairy Bomb.

Looks like fun 🙂

36 responses to “Absinthe in a can – Fairy Bomb!

  1. U Zeleného stromu strikes again. Can I get it at the hypermarket yet?

  2. If you fancy a long flight maybe. Aussies only I’m afraid 8)

  3. Don’t be afraid. That means we’re safe here.

  4. 8.2% alcohol? That’s a pretty weak absinth! 🙂 Guess it’s more for the energy boost than anything.

  5. They come in 4 packs which means you can enjoy more than one refreshing drink when out partying, Shabba.

    Pán Bůh can make a Fairy Bomb Domácí with Hi Energy (or whatever) and a measure of absinth.

  6. Meh, that’s still only the equivalent of 8 or so beers. Looks like I’ll be holding out for the 12 packs. 😉

  7. “There are many Czech absinthe cocktails that mix energy drinks and absinthe”

    Do you know this to be true as a fact? I am neither trendy nor a nightclubber. Besides, nowhere that I know of serves anything that’d I’d order. Closest I’ve come when out was Pernod in Pardubice. Took me by surprise.

    I will on occasion mix myself a Serpis and Semtex. A Bumpis. Does that make me trendy?

  8. I have always been rather surprised by some (like Victorian Dad) who say you shouldn’t drink absinthe to get drunk. I see that you are on my side of the fence on this issue, Shabba.

    What is the maximum number of glasses you have sunk in one evening or lazy afternoon? and what proof / ratio to water? Just curious..no partisan issue or trap in the question.

  9. “Just curious..no partisan issue or trap in the question.”

    I don’t believe you! 🙂

    I never really drink to get drunk, whether it be absinthe, beer, wine, or any other alcohol. I tend to drink to enjoy the flavors, the occasion, the ritual, etc.

    With absinthe, I typically drink 2-3 glasses in a normal sitting. However, there have been occasions (rare ones) where I have drank 2/3 of a .75L bottle or more.

    Keep in mind though, I am a rather large individual who processes alcohol very well. It’s a family trait I guess. At more than 2 meters and more than 140 kg, alcohol affects me a bit different than the normal individual.

  10. Do you know this to be true as a fact? I am neither trendy nor a nightclubber.

    No I made it up to annoy you 🙄 Jeez..actually Red Bull and absinthe is sold as a “Fairy Bomb” in some clubs. I am also not a trend crazed night owl…but apparently this is the case..though perhaps not here.

    Have you seen this peculiar habit of dropping an absinth into a beer?

  11. Makes sense. Redbull and _____ (normally jager or vodka) is popular in clubs in the US. Personally I think Redbull is sugary crap but then I hate the taste of most energy drinks. Apparently it hides the alcohol flavor well.

  12. They don’t play that way at the Sokolovna.

  13. Red Bull and Blavod is a great Halloween Drink. Also I found that Agwa, Red Bull, club soda and muddled lime is quite tasty too.

  14. Halloween is not such a big thing in Europe as in the States. I like Thanksgiving….all that turkey and sage stuffing 😉 Seriously that’s a great Feast – I love the excuse to have a pig out on all those great side dishes.

  15. I find many excuses to pig out. 🙂

  16. Absinth..Isn’t it originally a french drink?Whats this 55% crap being pushed? Absinth, from my understanding is meant to overproof, not under. As for mixing it with redbull, what a dreadfull thing to do to such a fine drink. have the YOUTH no class? Or is this just a club thing, one must be trendy to be here? Wankas’, get real! Try this drink as it is meant to be had, pure spirit drip through a cube of sugar into your glass, want some trend, put you Brown sugar on a spoon, soak it with the Absinth, Ignite it, breath in the fumes, then drink once cooled. Morons beware, flame is hot, it will burn your silly face if you try to hook in while it is alight!! Energy drinks??? stick em where it dont shine. Putrid crap it is!

  17. Welcome nmac. I noticed that you are in the habit of using blue langauge. You mispelt the word “wanka” but please don’t make a habit of it, if you wish to comment again.

    Absinth(e) was first commercialised in Switzerland after the Henroid sisters passed off a recipe to a man called Dubied. They were only 10 years old at the time and got it from a man that never existed. Want to know more?

  18. They’re the first to sample a new, legal absinthe, Lucid Absinthe Superieure, released this year as part of a slow and theatrical roll-out that could bring the mystical drink to Wisconsin in the first half of 2008.

    “I’ve actually tried it with Red Bull, and it’s quite good,” said Anastasia Smith, general manager for Lumen, a club in Chicago’s up-and-coming meatpacking district that plans to debut Lucid during a masquerade event on Halloween.

    Each to her own. I personally don’t like the taste of energy drinks and would not add absinthe. That said, I would not dream of telling people off or insulting them as “idiots” beacuse they like it.

    The psychological profile of the “real absinthe” fanatics (the “followers” only mind) is interesting.

    The need to sneer at others who “don’t understand” is regretable – and quite embarassing – when viewed by someone with normal balance and social skills.

  19. The only “idiots” part is that they are adding a $50-$60 bottle drink to redbull to simulate the taste of a much cheaper product. Almost just to say “Hey, look, I drank absinthe.”

  20. “Each to her own. I personally don’t like the taste of energy drinks and would not add absinthe. That said, I would not dream of telling people off or insulting them as “idiots” beacuse they like it.”

    Once again, we agree on something. Crap, I think the world really IS ending! 🙂

    “The psychological profile of the “real absinthe” fanatics (the “followers” only mind) is interesting. ”

    I’d like to know your opinion on who you consider a ‘follower’.

  21. Almost just to say “Hey, look, I drank absinthe.”

    Thank you for proving my point.

    As I say I am of the opinion that folks should do as they please – set it on fire, drink with lemonade, drink it while wearing nothing but your socks. -as long as it pleases you.

    This aggresive policy of telling people what to do – and enforcing a right way and a wrong way – annoys me.

    Asking someone calmy if they have tried absinthe with iced water is OK. Sneering at them with your mates on some forum, and writing insulting emails to them, is not OK. It is a matter of maturity and unfortunately that is in short supply in the so called “absinthe community”. I personally find the guys and gals from Louched Lounge more to my tatste than the patronising demi gods of absinthe that poison the internet with their high handed and abrasive mentality.

    The same argument applies to people that set up social network forums and tell folks how wonderful their product is and how “dumb” they are for enjoying another.


    Eric, I am not going to post a longer review on any of the main forums!


    If you are curious about how this tiny group uses Wikipedia & the fantasy status of the Wormwood Society as an “organisation” you should check out this correction about one brand made by a Wiki editor:

    1. La Clandestine is the only absinthe sold on every vendor site that is recommended by the two major absinthe forums/information site.

    2. It is the first brand mentioned on the Wormwood Society list of recommended brands.

    3. Out of several hundred absinthes, it was rated 3rd most popular in a poll of c. 20 absintheurs on Wormwood Society.

    4. The most popular absinthe brand on MySpace with over 750 friends.


    Good grief. You can’t help but laugh.

  22. “Sneering at them with your mates on some forum, and writing insulting emails to them, is not OK. ”

    It’s funny, because you say that you can understand the humor and inuendo of people who support your points, but you seem so ignorant and close-minded regarding many of the same things being done by the FV or WS members.

    I understand how you really like to spin things, but it’s getting truly rediculous.

    Lastly, if you actually read through the newcomer introductions at the WS, you’ll see that only a very small few get ridiculed or poked fun at. Even those who say they like to flame their absinthe, or prefer Czech absinth don’t get ridiculed unless they have a bad demeanor.

    You’ll also see that, of those that ARE ridiculed, it doesn’t start until THEY make the first nasty post. In the year or so since I joined the forum, that has ALWAYS been the case.

    It also stands to reason that we see our fair share of ‘dummies’ who join the forum just to try to find ‘the next high’. That gets annoying, since 1) they won’t get high from absinthe, 2) they come in acting like they know everything and 3) the don’t listen when we try to explain that they won’t hallucinate or go crazy, like they hope.

  23. And?

    Do you just pick out articles from all over the place (most of which have questionable integrity) and try to use them to your advantage?

    It aint gonna work, because I can enumerate probably a dozen inaccuracies in that blog alone.

  24. While, like with any illegal substance, underground groups and clubs have been making and sharing original absinthe since its banishment almost 100 years ago

    So for those of you hard-core absinthers, this loss of thujone-related craziness may mean a loss of interest, since it’s no longer the official mind-blowing concoction shared in the past by Hemingway, Degas, Zola, Wilde, Picasso and Van Gogh

    I’ve also seen another method, which involves setting the sugar cube on fire and letting the melting sugar drip through the spoon and into the drink. I guess this is for purists who want to sweeten the drink without weakening it with water.

    Are you a “hard core absinther” or a “purist”, Shabba? 😉 Absinther? That’s a new one on me – I like it 🙂

  25. I’m going to take a stab and say Hemmingway and Van Gogh never shared absinthe.

    I just like to remind Absintheur that alcohol burns cooler than boiling water and that he should never double check anything he posts.

  26. where can u buy this drink?

  27. i bought just one the other day at the local bottle-o , tasted like crap mixed with water , with a hint of licorice …. id suggest not to get it unless you where already legless … i was quite dissapointed 😦 can say i wont be purchasing anymore in the near future..

  28. why is everyone gettin so aggressive over a drink.
    its not like anyones tellin you that u hav to drink it

  29. How mush is it priced at in Australia?

  30. Looks pretty interesting. I’ve made a few cocktails with energy drinks (my personal favorite is what I call the Toro Loco, a tequila slammer made with equal parts Cuervo Gold and Red Bull, but I’m kind of nuts like that), but I’d never considered one with absinthe. I’ll have to give it a try sometime if it becomes more widely available in the States. Till then, just remember folks, a good, single-cask Kentucky Bourbon can’t be beat 😉

  31. Odin Valentine

    Hi there, i was wondering if it was possible to import this into england?

  32. Well I just spotted these for the first time today in the local bottle shop and they’re great 🙂 You can still taste the flavour of the absinthe…just missing that burning sensation.

  33. milk coffee bar

    and i angelo the absinth king will personally serve your mind

  34. You people are fucking dumb-shits! If somebody told you that chewing on cow shit would make you hallucinate if you mix it with 7-up, you’d probably do it! Free your mind bitches

  35. Where can we purchase this???is that avaiable in Italy??????

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