Crotch Punch

Let’s go next door, I hear Pán Bůh’s serving “Crotch Punch”

Wormwood Bitters

For Three Gallons

Take two gallons of rectified spirits, two drachms of the oil of Seville orange-peel, one drachm of oil of caraway, one drachm of oil of wormwood, a quarter of an ounce of almond cake,half an ounce of corainder-seed, half an ounce of Virginia snake-root. one quart of clarified sugar, and fill it up with water: steep the coriander-seed, almond cake, and Virginia snake- root, in the spirits for three or four days, and kill the oils, as before mentioned in spirits of wine.

The Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant’s Companion by Joseph Hartley (1839)

Thought Scotty, Absinthist & Leif might find this interesting. Almond cake?

2 responses to “Wormwood

  1. In the Compendium of Early American Folk Remedies, Receipts & Advice, the glossary lists almond meal as “sweet almonds which have been ground into fine meal. Used in cosmetics and as a facial scrub.” My guess is that the almond cake above is not a baked cake but rather a cake of ground almond. I wonder if the recipe above refers to sweet almond or bitter almond?

    Virginia Snakeroot (Aristolochia serpentaria) is a stimulant and tonic with antidote powers against the bites of snakes and mad dogs!

  2. Assuming it is bitters, I would agree for bitter almonds as that type is usually used in the spirits industry but in a minute amount or in form of natural oil (0.5-1g per 100 litres, what means 1ml of oil per 1 litre).

    Sweet almonds are more finding their way as part of brandy bonificators (40g per 10 litres).

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