Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar): Murdering Freedom in 2007


This small and insignificant piece of cyberspace salutes the brave oppressed people of Burma (*). Whilst the people of the Czech Republic enjoyed a Velvet Revolution in 1989, others are not so lucky on this day in 2007. The disgraceful and sickening violence of this evil dictatorship is a stain on the very soul of Asia. This is not a political or a current affairs blog, but it is a personal blog – and so I make no apology for using it this day to publish to my readership an image that fills me with horror, anger and a deep sense of compassion.

To the brave people that march and to the journalists that continue to risk their lives in Rangoon: yours is the noblest form of human behaviour. Let us hope that you prevail, and that your sacrifice is not in vain.


(*) Also many refer to Burma as Myanmar nowadays, including the major news networks, it must be noted that this is a name that was given to the country by the criminal regime that has for years terrorised “Myanmar’s” population; Burma’s people had no say in the name-change matter. Where some argue that “Myanmar” is the legally recognised name and so the country should be referred to as such, I argue that the obvious illegitimacy of the current Burmese administration denies any of their actions or decisions such a recognition.

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