Night with Absinthe?

Night with Absinthe

The latest piece of absinthe art from Leif Rogers. This piece is provisionally called “Night with Absinthe” – and our readers have further been given the chance to suggest an alternative name, in the comments section below, before the paint even dries! The original of one of Leif’s earlier works has already been snapped up by a well known absinthe house for their private gallery. Absinthe has long been the muse of art, and we are happy to see that the Green Fairy (La Fee Verte) is once again weaving her magic, after many years of enforced absence. Absinthe is back and it’s time to pour a glass, relax, shut out the troubles of the modern world, and say hello to that mischievous green lady from the past.

2 responses to “Night with Absinthe?

  1. I had the good fortune to receive a print of one of Leif’s paintings, a dreamy sketch of two muses looking over a fellow who has fallen asleep or passed out and knocked over his glass of absinthe. The one above is quite nice also.

  2. Care to suggest a name, Scotty? & don’t forget to check out the filtration vs distillation action here 🙂

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