Last Night With Reality (Absinth)

Reality Absinth

The original is available via Leif Rogers – and we understand that he will also produce a limited edition of signed prints. Watch out for his “Absinthe Collection – Fall 2007” which will also include “Absinthe Dreams” – currently sold out – and his original “Absinthe” in a strictly limited edition of 100 high quality prints signed by the artist.

4 responses to “Last Night With Reality (Absinth)

  1. Is there any significance in the red cross on the bottle’s label?

  2. I just checked, and it’s true to the original – a red cross…I do not know about the design itself, but it seems rather Celtic (is that right?)…there is a helmet with wings…maybe Norse?

  3. I’ve taken out one of my saved empties to analyze…

    I don’t think the helmet has wings. It looks to me more like stalks of some plant…

    There’s some words underneath the helmet that I can’t read (it’s small and I don’t have a magnifying glass) but it appears to be a motto of some sort.

  4. Just read it, it states:

    Create your own reality.

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