Message from Arnaud Van De Casteele

Cafe Slavia

Cafe Slavia, Prague

Here is a message from Arnaud Van De Casteele – please post suggestions and advice in the comments below.

Hello everybody !

My name is Arnaud , I’m French and I excuse for my English ! I am in doctorate in Sociology Anthropology and prepares a thesis on the Absinth. You can see my site : . That made from now on more than 5 years that I am interested truly in the Absinth in all his forms and with all his actors. I was born into France country not far from Pontarlier and since my tender childhood I always intended to speak about the green fairy. As, more as all I am impassioned subject and people who live her Absinth’ world. For my anthropological work, I have an ethnological step of ground, i.e. which I travel to the meeting of anybody who want to speak to me well about the Absinth according to their point of view. I will be very honoured with being able from now on to meet more and to discuss with people coming from the United States or other countries and I thought that you could have helped me while speaking about my research. Thus horticulturists, producers legal and clandestin, alcohol salesmen, restorers, professionals of tourism, scientists biochemists, and biensur… of the Absinth Drinkers ! I began my ground in the area of the east of France and in Switzerland, visiting Paris and opening my ground maintaining in Europe: Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Germany.

I will be in Roumania ( 5 at 12 october) in Barsana to make a communication in a anthropologic conference of “Food and Rituals”. I currently prepare one “Ethnologicalroad absinth” connecting Prague in Bucharest, while passing by Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Barsana and Cluj. I need some addresses of bars places, distillings, and autochtone’s contacts. I am opened with all practical information and assistances to organize my way as well as possible. Also if you have information on the various visited countries, do not hesitate with me to forward them. So, If you knows some people in this city, absinth’s drinkers or not, Absinth drink and distillery, you can perhaps give me her email. If you gan give me some help, you welcome!

Many Thanks

Ethnologue Absintheur

11 responses to “Message from Arnaud Van De Casteele

  1. Two absinth places in Prague are:

    Absinthe Time
    Kremencova 5, Prague 1
    Phone: +420 222 516 300

    Kavárna Slavia
    Smetanovo nábřeží 1012/2
    Praha 1

    The entrance to Cafe Slavia is in the same street where Bill Clinton played the sax (Reduta). Hillary Clinton was served absinth at Cafe Slavia with President Vaclav Havel – there is a famous painting: “Piják absintu” by Viktor Oliva in that cafe.

  2. But there is no record of Hillary swallowing.

    The “absinth,” that is.

  3. Did absintheur just copy and paste this from the WS?

    Mod: What do you want? 😡 For your information Mr Van De Casteele wrote to me as he is visiting Prague.

  4. But there is no record of

    Thank you, Finbarr Saunders

  5. Excellent painting, surreal yet real.

  6. It’s a big one too, lojol. You can see it as you pass in the tram – Cafe Slavia is opposite the glorious Narodni Divadlo (National Theatre) The communist vandals put a glass construction next to it – the paving is used by skateboarders (very considerate polite ones) shows the theatre, the glass carbuncle & in the backgorund is Cafe Slavia with the red canopies.

  7. Před polednem zavítala Hillary Clintonová do kavárny Slavie, kterou si tak oblíbil prezident Havel. S manžely Havlovými a Josefem Luxem si připili sklenkou zeleného silně alkoholického absintu, který je s výjimkou Nizozemska, Polska a České republiky po celém světě přísně zakázán, proč. V typickém kalhotovém kostýmu, tentokrát tmavě modrém, zapíjela Hillary Clintonová mentolovou příchuť absintu minerálkou, a s Josefem Luxem, který si zeleného moku upíjel jen velmi opatrně, rozmlouvala o možnostech léčby jeho leukemie v USA. Dagmar Havlová byla dnes oblečena do vkusných tmavě hnědých minišatů s elegantními, barevně sladěnými doplňky.


  8. 🙂

    So Alan is wrong! Mrs Clinton did drink her absinth. It says she drank absinth with mineral water, she was wearing a trouser suit, and Josef Lux drank it with caution.

  9. Kid Charlemagne

    I sure hope that the absinth Hilary C drank was not Zelena Muza… for her sake.

  10. Zelena Muza = Green Fairy.

    I do not think that the Delis brand that uses that name was around then…this was the time when Ted Breaux, and all that crowd, were doing whetever it was they did before they decided to move into absinthe.

    Gwydion was happily sipping his cocktails on the porch, Nathan – Maister was busying himself with his hotel, and Alan Moss was probably selling Indian made whisky. Ari was probably still in school, Shabba was dancing with Spanish gypsys, and Fee Verte was a passionate hobby site – and not the ecommerce empire it is today – following transfer of ownership.

    Times change. Perhaps it was a Sebor? Not sure.

  11. Actually, I think this was from a subsequent visit, more recently, since she became a senator.

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