Absinthe Muse in Summer

Summertime is Reality time – this stunning Czech absinth is just perfect on the rocks – watch it melt to a cool lime white louche, and then enjoy the herbal intensity of this 100% natural Czech product.

Remember Muse in an Absinthe Tank and the Reality Absinth Poster? The Bairnsfather Absinth poster girl is back by popular demand – and this time in cool summer apparel.

Stunning! rather like Reality Absinth, with it’s 35mg thujone content, expertly filtered from the finest wormwood. Anyone care to guess what the plant in picture two is? Want to taste some in all it’s pure glory? You need to know where to look! As the saying goes it’s “as rare as hen’s teeth“, with the production being bought up as fast as the hand finished bottles leave the family distillery.

Bairnsfather Reality is currently available in very few places in Prague (write to me and I’ll tell you where) and only via a few selected absinthe webshops. Prague wine bars are starting to serve burcak, and that means autumn is coming! Will there be an Absinthe Muse in Autumn? I hope so 🙂

Absinth Bairnsfather

Absinth Bairnsfather




4 responses to “Absinthe Muse in Summer

  1. I’m pleased to see that Reality has a big enough advertising budget to buy its poster girl some clothes.

  2. Ah…the absinthe muse. Aside from Reality this rocks…

    “Prague wine bars are starting to serve burcak, and that means autumn is coming!”

    See, it’s that type of stuff I love. Seasonal anything (other than allergies). We do none of that here. Sure, we have “spice donuts” for fall and possibly some peppermint something or other for winter. But nothing actual, physical. We used to here in America but decided (foolishly) that we should have things constant year around regardless of what the seasons and this whole “mother nature” thing may say. If I want apples 3 months out of season, by damn…I’m gonna get apples 3 months out of season and not God nor anyone else is going to stop me! Tangent? yes. Decent point? I think so.

  3. No farmers markets?

    Leif, do not think that we have it much better here – we are dominated by supermarket chains selling flavourless mass produced “perfect” tomatos etc.

    What is encouraging is that the Vietnamese run “potraviny” (small shop) is gaining in popularity selling all sorts of good fresh produce…and absinth 🙂

  4. We do have farmer’s markets (and lots of them here in the midwest) so that is wonderful. Of course, I’ve had way more corn on the cob than I even wish to admit to now…

    I understand, and more than likely it’s a case of “the grass is always greener on the other side”. I just like to think that somewhere there’s still a hefty tradition that hasn’t been destroyed by mass consumerism and things like seasonal beverages and what not give me hope.

    Over here the “biggest” name that does things like that I think is Sam Adams, and they do a lot in terms of “seasonal products” : ie. summer ale, winter lager, etc… and there are others (Goose Island and lots of microbrews, etc), you just have to really look hard for some of them. Bakeries and such do it too–you just have to be near the good ones.

    Alton Brown did a series (he’s in the middle of a second one) called “feasting on asphalt” where he went on a “quest” to find original road food–really good show (if you like history and food), where he waxed about the disappearance of such things as diners and cafes here in America. Which really opened up the search for me (Leif=Alton Brown devotee).

    I think that’s why I get fairly jealous when I see something like this post! It seems so easy! and I look around to where I’m at and we’re nowhere near anything like that (we’re inundated with giant megamarts and themed restaurants…). Grr!

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