Absinthe Dreams

Absinthe Dreams

“Absinthe Dreams” by Leif Rogers

More cool absinthe art from Leif! Check it out here:


The drawing is also discussed here. It works well against the white background. Great drawing – love the sense of motion – and two green fairies from one bottle of absinthe! or are we seeing double? More please – perhaps one featuring your favourite, Leif?


Update: Leif Rogers is displaying his works at the 22nd annual Bucktown Arts Fest  (Stand 065) this weekend, August 25th – 26th. If you are in the Chicago area take a look at the website for directions.

10 responses to “Absinthe Dreams

  1. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe later tonight I’ll do another watercolour…

    The two fairies were more compositional than anything–of course, I suppose the argument could be made that more fairies show up based on how much you drink. But the idea of being swept into a dreamworld seems much nicer if it’s populated by more than just one. Although the green fairy is mighty seductive just by herself.

  2. wow, just reread that post. I have a mighty strong “on one hand” “on the other hand” thing going there. Pardon the poor grammar.

  3. The edges form an art nouvea frame, the green dress as an entrance to the dreamscape is a good idea. In “Absinthe” are those hats in the background? a Belle Epoque night?

    I wonder about the origins of the term “green fairy” as a description for absinthe? When was it first used?

  4. I borrowed an Edvard Munch moon in the background.

    A. To promote the idea of dreamstate.
    B. To suggest a phallic symbol/eroticism.
    C. Good gracious not a Belle Epoque night! An American night in the drab midwest after exhausting an absinthe supply and drifting off to sleep after a mad poetry night is more like it! hehe.

    D. Not sure about the origins of “green fairy”. I’ll look into it.

  5. C. I mean the background in “Absinthe”


    D. I wonder where the term was first used, perhaps Oxy knows?

  6. Ah…I got confused.

    In “absinthe” I was going for a background that just melts away.

    and as far as “green fairy”…so far that does seem very late 19th century france–at least that’s all the references I’m finding.

  7. Once this art show is over, I’m gonna sit down and work on a watercolour of Reality. Maybe a few–very absinthe themed.

    Expect a post about it.

  8. What are the details of the Chicago exhibition this weekend, Leif?

  9. It’s called the Bucktown Arts Fest. It’s for two days, in a small park in the Bucktown area of Chicago.


  10. Update (before I fall asleep from exhaustion):

    I sold out of “absinthe dreams”. whoo!

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