Muse in an absinthe tank

Absinth Muse

Here’s the Bairnsfather poster girl – the absinthe muse – inspecting one of the new tanks at the Bairnsfather family distillery.

Kyle Bairnsfather, who is an enthusiastic renovator of pinball machines, recently took delivery of a new generation of distillery equipment. Ever the perfectionist, this week Mr Bairnsfather took apart all of the new machinery, cleaned every screw, and assembled them back together so that he could get to know the machines better!

Reality AbsinthWhat makes Bairnsfather Absinth different?

This is a good question, and one that has been noted by other absinthe enthusiasts, most recently in Leif Rogers’ My Love Affair with Reality. It is not just that this absinth is a natural handmade product, there is modern technology in partnership with tradition.

The key is the filtration technology that the Bairnsfather line uses together with a proprietary freezing process. This allows the tones of his traditional mountain herbs to shine through, like a hazy sumner afternoon in the Lusatian mountains, the ancient mountain range that is home to the old Sebor distillery which Kyle now runs.

Bairnsfather absinth is sadly not widely available. Major ecommerce outlets do stock the range alongside the other Czech brands (some of which bear no comparison to this hand-crafted artisanal absinthe).

The current production is usually all sold before it is even born. One customer from Poland recently drove 100 miles to get her hands on a bottle!

As the weather in Prague is currently chokingly hot, a glass of iced Reality is a refreshing reminder of the mountains and the stunning virgin forests. These forests and meadows, especially around the German border, are untouched and offer a great spot for a relaxing escape far away from the crowds and bustle of the city.

How to drink Bairnsfather absinth? In my opinion it is best with ice, this produces a profound louche – especially in the anise rich Absinth Bitter. Na zdravi!

12 responses to “Muse in an absinthe tank

  1. So the question is, do I use up the rest of my Reality by sitting in my backyard, sip an iced Reality and eat some fried green tomatos (the seasons nice for them in my garden right now…) or do I continue to spend long hours gazing at the bottle? Alas, decisions are hard these days.

    God bless you Kyle and God bless your wicked absinth skills!

  2. Never had fried green tomato! What does it tatse like?

  3. They’re kind of hard to explain. Since the tomato is still not ripe, its a lot harder than its ripened version. With that said, the frying process not only puts a nice coat on them it softens them up and brings out a delicious juice–sort of like a condensed tomato flavour.

    The frying process lends a lot of flavour as well. I augment this by using salt and vinegar potato chips. The salt is…well…salt (and in my opinion another gift from God) and the vinegar works wonders in adding to the taste of the tomato. I can only really explain it as this: it tastes like a miniature salad minus the lettuce. Crunch and salt like a crouton and the tomato juice and vinegar taste like a vinegrette–or something like that.

    To quote Alton Brown: definitely “good eats”!

  4. Nobody has noticed that inverted cross yet, even since last time you published it! LOL
    By the way, you are linked to Absinthe Fever!
    Will go to France in a couple of weeks.
    Will have to check what’s going on with your favourite drink there!

  5. Wait, what inverted cross?

    Dragonlife–cool site, btw.

  6. Bonjour et Merci!

    The design looks celtic…I am using a magnifying glass to look at the label on the top: it is a helmet with sprigs either side and decorated with a crest and a hammer. I’m scared 🙂 In reality -LOL- it is beacuse of the position of “i” and nothing to do with our absinthe coven…oops… 🙂

    Robert-Gilles, don’t forget to take a look in your brother’s cellar, bang the wall, and check there is no hidden cache of pre ban absinthe down there!

    These days the absinthe brigade put a syringe through the cork, extract a bit, and then sell it in a test tube! Ummm..better than being guzzeld by a Russian billionaire on a floating gin palace I suppose?

    I would be very very interested to hear and see what is happening in France absinthe wise. Some photos and any historical tales would be great!

    Bon voyage!

  7. I can be so blind sometimes…

  8. Don’t worry I didn’t see it either, Leif. Robert-Gilles pointed it out some months ago – let’s hope Jerry Falwell doesn’t hear about it 😉

  9. Well, since Jerry Falwell dead…I’m left with the scary possibility of: If he does hear about it now, we’re all in trouble since lightning will be flinging itself out of heaven on just about everyone.

    Our only consolation is this: the teletubbies will get their first (hehe) so we’ll have a heads up to do the ol’ duck and cover.

  10. It’s late (4:30am), my Wild Turkey supply is near exhaustion ,and, as you can tell, my spelling and grammar skilz have left the building.

    Forgive me.

    Na zdravi!!!

  11. LOL

    🙂 Staying up late with a bottle 😉 in the company of Jerry Falwell and the teletubbies! Is this the modern day equivalent of la fee verte you see before you?

    PS: Pilsner Urquell is a great morning after slurp! I know from bitter experience!

  12. The Pilsner…

    Just another reason to thank the Czechs!

    Best I got at the moment are some craft brewed Lagers and 2 different styles of homebrew: a brown porter of my own invention (good stuff but dark, very dark–seriously, light does not penetrate this brew at all) and a (very dark…I sorta screwed up with the wort making) Irish Red Ale. They do the trick and are a meal unto themselves…

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