Prague Night with Absinth 1943

Hitler at Prague Castle

Adolf Hitler at Prague Castle

Here’s a delightful lost quote about absinth drinking from the evil days of the Nazi occupation of Bohemia.

Poručil jsem si dvojitou sklenku absintu, který právě je v módě. Je to takový zelený dryák. Jako rozpuštěné ještěrky. A vypil jsem to do dna. Potom mi bylo dobre.

I ordered a double glass of absinthe which is in fashion right now.  It’s a kind of green “dryák”. Like dissolved lizards.  I drunk it all. Then I felt good.

Pražské nokturno – Page 310
by František Kubka ( 1943)

Like dissolved lizards 🙂 Note: “dryák” means something like a cure for all diseases, or something bearing a medicinal quality. The word is ancient and relates to a curative potion sold in the Middle Ages and made from 54 types of herbs.

One cannot help wondering where that fashionable absinth – enjoyed by drinkers in Praha circa 1943 – came from.  Any ideas?

3 responses to “Prague Night with Absinth 1943

  1. Strange…
    I heard that he did not drink or smoke and was a vegetarian to boot!

  2. I suppose he drank it, thinking of it as a medicine, then!

  3. LOL 🙂

    It is said that Hitler made up for his temperance in the schlafzimmer – all three women whom he courted attempted suicide – Gelli (his niece!) was succesful. There are rumours that he enjoyed a deeply troubling fetish….

    He would have probably considered absinthe to be decadant. I am very curious about the idea of folks drinking absinthe in Nazi controlled Bohemia – especilally as it was banned in germany in 1924

    Strangely there is a copy of the hyper rare 1933 Svatba v absint baru (marriage in an absinthe bar) by Emil Vachek at the Hokkaido University Library, Japan! Wonder how it got there!

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