Elixir Salutis

Had too much absinthe at Boveresse? Feel a little hung over in Combier? We have the answer:

Daffy’s “elixir salutis”

Take of senna leaves, cleared of their stalks, four ounces; of guaiacum shavings, of dry’d elecampane root, of the seeds of anise, caraway, coriander, and of liquorice root, of each two ounces; of raisins stoned, eight ounces; of French brandy, three quarts; keep them together cold for four days, and then strain out the tincture for use.

It is a proper purge for drunkards, and is a great formula to old women habituated to drams.

Pharmacopoeia Universalis, Robert James 1747


2 responses to “Elixir Salutis

  1. A pox on Daffy’s, Sir! ’tis not real elixir salutis as it containeth not the fennel seed — only Reverend Theodorous’ Solar Tincture will suffice!

  2. Madame du Hemroid

    Ye jest Sir, as only the blessed waters of St.David of Doubs (remarks about teeth and gums removed)

    Mod: No more 18th Century quack talk please

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