Czech Expressions




Czech Expression of the Day: Bez práce nejsou koláče. Without work, there is no cake. The cake pictured is known as a Bábovka – not to be consfused with babička (grandmother) . In Australia you can now buy a Czech made wormwood flavoured vodka named Babicka 🙂

PS: Medovnik, or honey cake, which is served everywhere thesedays in Prague, is not Czech – it’s Russian!

4 responses to “Czech Expressions

  1. You may know my fondness for cake and pastries. This one looks quite firm, almost bread-like, could you enlighten me?

  2. I’ll do a post on koláč for you soon 🙂 If bábovka is fresh from grandma’s oven it is like a moist sponge cake from UK.

  3. It certainly looks delicious!
    We do have similar cakes in Fance, but they don’t have that dark texture!

  4. Some of them have a marbled effect – what defines the cake (I think) is that cavity in the middle. It will be served with coffee, which is strong “Turkish” style.

    Starbucks is coming to Prague! The traditional literary cafes may not like it, but I’m quitely pleased.

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