King of Spirits Prádlo u Nepomuka


I have a confession to make: I like the stuff!

King of Spirits is made by L’Or in Prádlo. According to L’Or : “Prádlo is a great address for distillers, the water here is the best.”

It’s certainly a very popular brand in Prague. The taste is not to everyone’s liking, don’t expect a perfumed cloying sweetness, but rather a confident wormwood note without too much background noise. You’ll notice the herbs at the base of the bottle. King of Spirits is good company; a heady brew which is not for the shrinking violet, and then of course there’s the thujone!

Thujone is the active ingredient in wormwood and the sole reason that absinthe cannot be sold in any liquor stores across the USA. The law is unclear, but it seems that you may buy absinthe for personal use without any problem. People have run into problems where they have promoted absinthe parties and sold tickets (according to recent news reports) but that is a different matter altogether as one can be prosecuted for running vodka parties like that too.

King of Spirits is openly sold as being a thujone rich brew and King of Spirits Gold even claims to have levels of thujone at 100mg (the European Union max is 35mg)

I’ll keep drinking Czech absinth for the taste, the pleasure and the unique experience it offers. Well! I’ll sit back, take a sip of King of Spirits, and leave them to it. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer 🙂

One response to “King of Spirits Prádlo u Nepomuka

  1. So tell me, what is the point of a ‘thujone rich’ drink, when you’d have to munch on the herbs at the bottom of the bottle to ingest the amount of thujone they are marketing?

    Also, why drink this absinth as opposed to a lower thujone absinth? Would you say you get more ‘effects’?

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