Absinthe and Star Trek?

Star Trek

I was taken with this allegation in an article by Deborah Baxtrom:

I started calling my friends. Most thought I didn’t need to drink absinthe to go insane. Clearly I was already out of my mind. “You’ll hallucinate!” they cried. “There’s no way I’m drinking that stuff! It’s illegal!” Like that’s ever stopped them before. Then I found a taker. He even had something new to add to absinthe lore.

“You have Romulan ale!” he shouted.

“S’cuse me?” I replied.

“In Star Trek, the Romulans drink a green liquor that’s illegal everywhere else in the galaxy. It’s based on absinthe.”

“Uh-huh. So…do you want to try some?”

“Should I wear my Klingon costume? I don’t have a Romulan outfit.”

“OK, and I’ll dress like a French cancan dancer.”


Another barstool tale to add to the list? or is Dr Spock an intergalactic absintheur? I don’t know, as I rarely watch television.

One response to “Absinthe and Star Trek?

  1. dunno if Dr Spok was absinthe drinker bur DrAbsinthe sure comes from another planet

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