Absinthe House

Fee Verte

Here is an interesting development, according to the venerable Old Absinthe House in New Orleans, Jack the Ripper was an absintheur!

As it turns out, Absinthe was indeed a dangerous substance, as the wormwood used for making it had narcotic properties. The consumption of Absinthe was associated with hallucinations, delirium, madness and even death. It is further rumored that Jack the Ripper, an unknown killer of a number of prostitutes in 1888, went mad through his addiction of Absinthe. Consequently, it was outlawed in the United States in 1912.

The Absinthe House Frappe

Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice add:
1 1/4 ounce of Absinthe
1/4 ounce of Anisette
top with a splash of soda water

The Old Absinthe House
240 Bourbon Street
New Orleans

8 responses to “Absinthe House

  1. You’re obviously an intelligent person. Why do enjoy actively relish publicizing misinformation?
    It was never “rumoured” that Jack the Ripper was associated with absinthe in any way. In a 2001 film of the Jack the Ripper story, Johnny Depp was shown drinking absinthe. That is the sole orgin of the “rumour”.
    If you’re trying to promote Czech absinthe, why don’t you do so honestly, as for instance the promoters of Oliva absinthes are trying to do?
    Do you seriously think that a positive long term reputation for any product can be built up on the basis of an active campaign of untruths and misinformation by its supporters?
    And isn’t it intellectually far more interesting and rewarding to seek out the truth, rather than attempting to disguise what I’m sure you know is the reality of the product in a cloud of half truths, hearsay, internet rumour and plain outright lies?

    Mod: “an active campaign of untruths and misinformation by its supporters” – “outright lies” I wonder why you accuse me of lying? This blog was supposed to be a happy pastime – I am getting quite upset by these nasty accusations.

  2. Wow! Thank you for putting me right about Jack 🙂 I was just quoting The Old Absinthe House, Oxy.

  3. According to the Jack The Ripper experts, absinthe was an unlikely cause of this maniac’s activities:

    “Yes, it is very strong. I did find absinthe to have more of a narcotic, very relaxing effect than a stimulant effect, however. My friends experience similar results – all we want to do is just sit and “be” – it does give you a slight sense of altered reality, but again, has an overall sedating nature.

    It is possible that such a narcotic could produce opposite effects in someone who is psychotic, but I do not think Jack The Ripper was psychotic as the murders, as you have stated are too organized to be the work of an out of control psychopath, especially one who was hallucinating.

    If you look at the following paintings of Absinthe Drinkers – the first done by Manet, the second done by Degas – you can see the flatness of expression, unfocused eyes, and general relaxed pose of the drinkers – they do not look capable of mustering the energy involved to brutally attack and disembowel someone”

    Jean Lanfray of course went beserk and killed his pregnant wife – the reason absinthe was banned in Switzerland.

  4. I care little for what Jack the Ripper was, who he was, and on what he was, but I certainly the picture!
    Did you know that blue cross is the Marseille Cross? Why is it used, I wonder. And isn’t that the Helvetica Cross in the background (Sorry, I just read the French caption: “Abolished/banned in Switzerland (which is commom mistake, as Suisse, Scweiz, Switzerlaand should be called Federation Helvetique. At least they do not make the mistake on the stamps, but I might start a somewhat useless argument there! Mea culpa, mea culpa!)
    Last, one might be interested by the French written on the “ribbons/garlands”)
    Cheers, na zdrani!

  5. Sorry for the typos:
    Certainly LIKE the…
    Had to mucg to drink last night: sake, wine & shochu for 6 hours!

  6. “Last, one might be interested by the French written on the “ribbons/garlands”

    I’ve got a magnifying glass on the screen – but I’ve only got “Geneve”…oh well I’ll drink that 🙂 juniper and no wormwood

  7. JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – An eminent South African historian believes he has stumbled on the identity of Jack the Ripper. 🙂


  8. But Charles van Onselen has NOTHING to say about the Ripper’s taste for absinthe, as alleged by that bar in New Orleans.

    Charles sounds like the burlesque Sir Les Patterson:

    “If I include it, it buggers up the book”

    These South African “academics” have an earthy approach to academia, don’t they?

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