Absinthe Czech Method


Czech absinthe in the news:

If you want to see how drugs and alcohol breed artistic genius, take a glance at Manet, Van Gogh and Picassos;—the artists who gave absinthe its modern notoriety as a mysterious elixir that left lonely men dreaming of bright colors in drab pubs.

For Georgetown’s wannabe European student body, the allure of the drink lives on. What could be better than a flaming green shot of lyric-inducing liquor?

The classic way to prepare it is to place a spoon with a sugar cube on the rim of a shot of absinthe and then dribble ice-cold water over the sugar so that the dark green liquor below turns a mint shade.

The Czech method is more dramatic, if uncomfortably similar to the behavior of a heroin addict: dip the sugar cube in the liquor and then set it alight on a spoon. Let the sugar burn for a minute and then drop it into the glass.

Full Article available here (The George Town Voice)

5 responses to “Absinthe Czech Method

  1. Talkng of all this flame-induced excitement, you remind me of a stupid stunt of mine quite a few years ago in a Shizuoka bar with my cricket mates:
    We had put our hands on Polish 90% Rectified Vodka. I felt like making a demonstration and asked everyone to look at me. Took a large sip of the vile stuff, took my lighter out (I was still smoking then), lit it up and spit the vodka over the flame. Very impressive!
    Only problem was I didn’t keep on blowing and the flame shot back full into my face, syngeing most of my moustache. Lucky I escaped with a wounded pride only!

  2. 🙂 Accidents can happen…

    Czech rushed to hospital after drinking burning absinthe

    PRAGUE (AFP) — A 36-year-old Czech was rushed to hospital with serious burns on Thursday after drinking a glass of burning absinthe.

    The man, from Kostelec nad Labem in the center of the country, suffered severe burns to the neck and throat after drinking the powerful, traditional Czech liquor, a spokeswoman for the central Czech emergency services, Tereza Janeckova, told the CTK agency.

    He had apparently been drinking before switching to the absinthe stunt, she said.

  3. Apparently, In my stupidity, I was careful enough!

  4. Yes! You didn’t decide to pour flaming alcohol down your throat! Our Czech absintheur from Kostelec nad Labem was taking the fire ritual too far! Imagine the morning after.. 😕

  5. friend of mine caught him self on fire, unfortunally I didnt get pics.. hes ok.. blog post here


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