Strong Absinthe!

Is Czech absinth strong? Can be, so be careful.

The method of making absinth in the Czech Republic is sometimes different. Likérka Cami of Dobronice u Bechyně produce a great blanche absinthe named Tolouse Lautrec Absinthe, but the herbal maceration is what the Bohemian brand is famous for. Kyle Bairnsfather who produces Reality Absinth & Bairnsfather Bitter (Sdružení pro výrobu a odbyt likérů s.r.o) has described to the Prague Post his method of filtration for processing the macerate. This process removes the solid herbs, but leaves the herbal qualities in place. Anyone who has enjoyed a glass of iced Reality will know what Kyle means! Here’s a glimpse of what you are missing:

Reality Absinth

You’ll see the herb in place in the bottle. So what about the thujone? Well, according to the Kyle: “the alcohol content is 60%, the thujone level is 26 mg/kg, and the addition of the stalks of three herbs into the bottle provides a more aromatic flavour and a more complex tastes”

Strong & Recommended.

11 responses to “Strong Absinthe!

  1. green goblin:
    2/5 absinth
    1/5 malibu
    2/5 chery cola

    serve chilled if desired…………..

    done correctly, it will have a red and green glow in light, not to mention a taste that can only be described as a delicious kick to the face….

    the second…..

    1/4 absinth
    1/4 malibu
    2/4 cherry cola

    sweeter than the “green goblin” with no kick to the face…..

  2. Don’t mix a Bairnsfather with cherry cola! That would be sacrilege.

  3. At least it looks artistic!
    Have you noticed the inverted cross?

  4. “Have you noticed the inverted cross?”

    No i hadn’t. One of our regular contributors won’t like that! 😈

    Well spotted!

  5. Bairnsfather absinth is good with crushed ice, intensely herbal and some may wish to add sugar, think Bohemian forest in summer. This abinth is difficult to find, as they don’t make that much. Bairnsfather absinth is not a mass market brand and is artisanal. The thujone? try it and report back.

  6. What about it? A piece of sneering sarcasm from Hiram’s purple pen. What has that got to do anything.

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  8. question, I tried the goblin mixxes and alot off mix drinks with absinthe, but I can never make it glow

    does it only glow near a blacklight or something ?

  9. Hi Korsakoff,

    I have never heard of absinthe glowing. It has a translucent quality and there are even certain types of absinthe glass made to to admire the colour. Are you refering to the louche perhaps?

    There was a type of 19th century absinthe glass that glowed…on account of the uranium used in the glass!

  10. absintheur, the inverted cross, is st peters cross, he felt he wasnt worthy to be crucified in the same way as Jesus Christ so he requested to be crucified upside down

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