New Czech Bohemians


Czechs Raise New Generation of Bohemians

PRAGUE (Reuters) – The Bohemians are back. A new generation of Czechs who grew up in democracy have the freedom and wealth to lead hedonistic lives barely dreamt of by their parents under nearly five decades of communist rule.

“I want to experience as much as I can at this age,” said Jan Skuta, a 21-year old student, peering through the smoky haze in a bar in Prague’s ancient centre.

The Czech Republic once comprised most of Bohemia, and the term Bohemian became synonymous with a socially unconventional lifestyle that many are heartily resurrecting in the post-Communist era.

Absinthe, the green spirit once widely banned for its suspected hallucinatory effects, is available at almost every bar. Fashion runs the gamut from ultra mini-skirts to bell bottoms and from designer jeans to army fatigues as bar-hoppers track trends.

Full Article: Reuters

10 responses to “New Czech Bohemians

  1. Is it the locals drinking the Czech absinth? Or is it mainly the tourists?

  2. 😀 Ahoj Alan
    Both tourists and locals drink Czech absinth. Trul Absinthium 1792 is available in supermarkets.. the trendy bars serve absinth cocktails to wealthy locals… with fire of course 8)

    No Clandestine Suisse sighted so far 😦

  3. My husband is a New Moravian. 🙂

  4. 😀 Ahoj Sue

    Nice point! I’ll do a feature on burchak this autumn in his honour! Don’t forget to mention burchak to babička when you take Peanut on that visit! Moravians love to talk wine!

    For those that do not know: burchak is a Moravian drink that appears every autumn. You see it in most Prague wine bars along with the sign “burchak!” in the window. What is it? The drink called burchak is essentially “young wine.” It is the cloudy, frothy cap that is skimmed off the top of wine before it goes through its final fermentation. It tastes like apple cider, but supposedly has the same alcohol content as wine.

  5. Burchak can make you very drunk actually. It carries on the fermentation process in the stomach. You can drink it like apple juice, but later you will suddenly feel smashed.

    Absinthe. You do not see Bairnsfather Absinth in many cocktail bars. It is usually Hills Absinth which is good in cocktails

  6. Depends on how much you drink! same with absinthe …and that can creep up on you 😈

  7. Funny story about burchak. When we went to Czech this past autumn Peanut’s prababička and I had more than just a few glasses. After several hours I couldn’t understand why I was kissing the ground and she was fine. I soon found out that she was raised in a vineyard.

  8. 😛 It can be lethal, deceptive like a cool glass of iced absinthe on a hot day. I’ll have another….sitting in the deckchair reading….but when you get up! Love Moravia! Home to many of the absinthe producers (Ostrava) Looking forward to coming “home”, Sue?

  9. I concur on the lethal part.. 🙂 I had no idea theres an absinthe producer in Ostrava… we drive right through there in order to get to Krnov.
    I’m very excited to return to my adopted country. I miss it every single day. I especially look forward to the pubs and the gyro stands. 🙂

  10. Interestingly enough, in France, by “Bohemian life”, we mean an “unfixed abode life”.
    In some cases, the French mistakingly thought they were the same as gyosies!

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