Rare Bohemians in Washington DC



Rare Bohemians! Czech out this Michael Jackson impersonator! (Note the grandma – babicka – complete with arm on hip and look of gentle disbelief.) All part of the fun of Czech cinema. Here are the details:


Wild Bees (Divoke vcely)

Tuesday, February 13, 8 pm: Avalon Theatre, 5612 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20015 Tickets: Purchase at the box office 30 min. before a show.



Wild Bees


A dark, satirical look inside a Moravian village yields a beehive of trouble. Shy 18-year-old Kaja lives with his grandmother and philosophizing father. Kaja’s main occupation in life is secretly admiring the girl of his dreams: Bozka, a wild-child who peddles sausages in the local village. When Kaja’s prodigal brother arrives from Prague for a visit, long stagnant relationships begin to stir. [2001, directed by Bohdan Slama, 94 min., in Czech with English subtitles]


Presented films are part of the RARE BOHEMIANS touring series produced by Irena Kovarova in cooperation with the Czech Film Center, Prague. Additional support provided by Czech Centres.

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